Nicola B Styling is a creative, dynamic and innovative image consulting business under the leadership of an certified image consultant, Nicola Bezuidenhout. Situated in the West-rand, Nicola B Styling focus on making you look and feel good about yourself. Your best features are enhanced with the correct clothing, styles, colour and accessories. There is no such thing as a flaw, only opportunities to love yourself. Everybody is beautiful, including you!

We live in a world where appearance matters and what you wear can make or break a business deal or potential relationship. Remember that time you admired not only the beautiful dress your colleague or best friend was wearing, but also how confident and chic she looked? Do you recall how professional and self-assured she looked, styled from head to toe? Who does not want to be the centre of admiration, feeling confident and looking like your best self?

Our Services

Style and Colour Consultation for Men or Women

The style and colour consultation consists of two sessions focused on the content of your wardrobe through a body shape, body segment, colour and face shape analysis. You will understand what types of clothes to buy and not to buy in the future.

Wardrobe Planning Consultation

Out with the old and in with the new! During this session we do a wardrobe make-over to update your current wardrobe. Once you understand your body shape, body segments and the ideal colour palate for your skin tone, we compile a shopping list for you to expand your wardrobe with the best items for every special occasion, work day and season.

Personal Shopping

This package is ideal for people who don’t go to the shops often or who don’t like to go shopping for themselves. After a style and colour consultation, we will hit the shops with you and find the best places and items for you to buy to build your dream wardrobe and that perfectly fitted style.

Styling for special occasions

If you want a dream job, start making a best impression – present your best self so that your new employer has a lasting first impression of you. Nicola B Styling can assist you in selecting the best outfit for an interview or first day at your new dream job.

Matric dance

The package includes a body shape analysis, colour analysis and recommendation for the best dress or suit. We help you select the best make up, hair style and shoes for this magical event.  As an added bonus, you can also have a session where you are taught what to wear when you are a student or employee so that you can celebrate the end of those school uniform days!  


On the most special day of your life, you and your bridal party should look and feel amazing! This package will ensure that your day is picture perfect every moment. We help the bride choose the correct shade of white to flatter her skin tone; the correct dress for her body shape; the correct accessories for her face shape; and the perfect make-up and hair combination to finish off the look.

Corporate Workshops

Workshops tailored to the needs of the Company. This session can include educating employees about professional image, brand-matching style and dress etiquette in the corporate environment. Building the company brand involves each employee to have a positive image that they contribute to the business together with their values skills and knowledge.

Make Overs (individual)

This style journey will change your life! Taking your lifestyle and personal dress style into account, we develop a new upgraded image so that you can look and feel like your best self! Our make over services stretch from complete individual make overs to Best Friend/Colleague Make Overs. This one day makeover includes a complete style, colour and wardrobe analysis for each person.

Make Overs (Groups)

Book us to bring fashion and style to your best friends hen’s parties, birthday celebrations, team building, social groups, or even “bookclubs”. We will determine personal style, body and face shapes and how to dress accordingly to your body shape. The session will include tips on how to wear the latest fashion of the season and what to pack when you are traveling.   
Our gift voucher is the perfect gift for your mom, sister, best friend or colleague and it can be arranged as per - your specific needs and requirements. Vouchers are valid for style consultations, styling sessions, wardrobe organizations, shopping, and all makeovers.

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